The project “Remixed by Nature” seeks to challenge humans to question and evaluate our relationship to nature. 

Our collective gaze has been blinded by the goals of the accepted norms of society. These adopted values seek to define us as humans by our level of embeddedness and compliance with consumption and accumulation of material capital.

Instead, we could consider defining ourselves by our level of connection to nature and by seeking contentment in the moment. This re-evaluation would transform our experience of living.

Our perception is that nature is something to experience on our terms, on holiday or when feeling “inspired”. That it’s existence is extrinsic, that it stands apart from our own. 

It is not.

Nature, Gaia, the living symbiotic being is in charge. Science has been dangerously subverted to present the illusion that we can master or control it’s primal forces.

But in reality, science has also given us the tools and an objective frame of reference to understand that, in fact, we do not control anything and that nature is the conductor of this orchestra of life on earth. 

Perhaps humans need to shift the point of observation to geological timescales, the true temporal scale of nature. The objective and subjective view of the mountains that rise and fall, the oceans that will eventually boil away into the stars.

We need to be remade by nature. to fear the power of nature again. To reconnect with our primal awe of it. Our fundamental point of reference has been subverted for the gain of a few wealthy individuals. 

Objective science, for all the alarms and warnings it screams, has failed in it’s mission to enable change on a philosophical level.

It’s language is imperfect, impenetrable, speaks in extremes and lacks nuance. It is deliberately exclusive of the people who most need to hear the message.

Art can provide a lens of subjective, emotional connection. A lens though which we can play with our point of observation without fear of being labelled as a denier, or communist, or socialist, or humanist. It can be a sort of tape that records, replays and evaluates the responses and outcomes from multiple points of observation. We can play with time and points of observation and our own points of view.

Understanding should evolve. It should not be fixed around one dogmatic “truth”. The scientific truth changes over time as we learn more, or thoughts become dominated by a school of belief. Our truth should also evolve as we learn.

So, I want to ask the question; could we consider defining ourselves by our level of connection with nature and by seeking contentment in the moment. This re-evaluation could transform our experience of living for the better and help us evaluate our impact on the natural capital of our world. 

Can art drive this change? Can it inspire a re evaluation of our position with respect to the natural capital of the world where scientific discourse has failed.

In using the natural world to drive an acoustic sculpture on it’s timescales, I would like people to consider how their lives might be transformed by an alternative worldview centred on the evaluation of life as if the wealth of nature’s capital matters.